The Organization

What We Do

American Majority is committed to building this national “farm team” of conservative leadership at the state and local levels. Studies show that over 50% of government spending takes place at the state and local levels, and that 87% of government employees are state and local. Yet for the most part, many in the conservative movement have been focused on the federal level. As an organization, we believe that committed fiscal conservatives and advocates for limited government should populate all levels of government, from school board to Congress. By widening the pipeline and identifying people to run for school board, city council, county commission and the state legislature, American Majority is also creating a “bench” for higher office several election cycles from now.

The American Majority Difference

At American Majority, we work to build grassroots infrastructure to affect changes in public policy that will refocus our nation on the power of the free market and individual liberty. We are not a consulting firm. We are not in the pocket of a political figure or party. We are not a for-profit entity and we don’t run campaigns. In everything we do, we stress the importance of building a truly authentic, grassroots political movement to better the lives of every American. Unlike other organizations, we do not seek to co-opt the Tea Party or the other activists and local leaders we train and assist. We believe and seek to foster a bottom-up advancement of conservative ideals in government at all levels using cutting-edge techniques.

The Farm Team of Conservatism

American Majority wants to take these ideas of freedom for the individual and freedom in the marketplace and develop a farm team of men and women dedicated to those principles and implement them into real world policy.

For decades, the unions and the left have been dominating local elections, from school boards to city council to county commission races; identifying, recruiting and training big government, progressive candidates. For the most part, they have been un-checked at that level simply because no one on the right has attempted to focus on identifying and recruiting candidates for local level races. This has allowed the left to dominate at the local level, many times controlling county commissions or school boards that tax and spend in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and sometimes, billions of dollars. And the right has simply sat on its hands and watched the left run rough shod over limited government, free market principles at the local level. In addition, the left’s focus on the local races has allowed it to create a very robust farm team for higher office. American Majority will change that and level the playing field at the local and state level when it comes to identifying and training good candidates.

But American Majority does not want to repeat the mistakes that happened many times in the past when conservatives identified and recruited candidates. When a good conservative is found to run for office, we often send them in alone and unarmed, in many ways like a poorly managed baseball team at the beginning: we hastily recruit candidates and throw them into the game unprepared and hope they can win. But if they simply don’t know how the system works, whether it be a school board, city council or county commission, they will not succeed. It will not work to have good conservatives run for office and expect results without arming them with a practical knowledge of the system so that they can be effective in implementing good, practical ideas.

American Majority will deliver a winning formula to any candidates it helps identify: they will be trained on how to be effective candidates, from developing a campaign strategy to learning how to message their ideas to developing and instituting a fundraising plan. They will also be given specific good free market, limited government policy points that need to be fought for and implemented while they are in office. And they will be trained on how the particular office that they are running for works.