Your Campaign and Activism Toolbox

If you’re fired up about getting involved in conservative politics, you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to keep learning. Educate yourself on top tools and tactics. Know what’s trending in your community. Keep up with best practices, new ideas and key techniques that you can use to boost your effectiveness.

We bring you our suite of educational tools — FREE guides, presentations, training manuals, videos, and more designed specifically for conservative activists and new leaders.

Campaign Resources


Websites / Manuals

Campaign Fundraising

Free Download: Need money to run a campaign? Fundraising is the water that makes your grassroots grow. Grassroots campaigns without adequate funding can quickly find that they’ve failed to realize their potential…

A Guide to Better Schools Through Better School Boards

Free Download: Take a fascinating look into the problems facing our schools & learn how best to get involved as a parent, a school board candidate, or both!

How to Influence Your State Legislature

Free Download: Take a fascinating look into the state legislative process & learn how best to get involved as an activist or candidate.

How to Master Public Speaking

Free Download: For the Political Candidate – You know the pain of sitting through a poorly executed speech. But now that you’ve decided to run for office, you’re the candidate behind the lectern. Well meaning candidates often fail to do a good job of communicating in a real way that inspires people…

Running For Office: Should You?

Free Download: Running for elected office is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it also is not as far out of reach as many people think. If you are entertaining the idea of running for office, following the steps in this worksheet will help you determine whether you have several important elements in place to lay the foundation of a successful campaign.

Identifying New Leaders

Free Download: In order to win elections and change policy, the conservative movement must focus on finding new leaders who are committed to implementing limited-government principles in our state and local governments…

County Commission Manual

Free Download: Government has forgotten its role among the people, and the people have forgotten their role within government. Americans forget that local government preceded both state and federal government. …

Activist Resources


Videos / Presentations

The Wisconsin Model

Video: American Majority Wisconsin Executive Director Matt Batzel talks about the accomplishments of American Majority and the Tea Party in Wisconsin, and how the successes in Wisconsin are a model that conservatives can follow nationwide.


Websites / Manuals

How to be an Effective Conservative Activist

Free Manual: Ready to figure out how to actually make change happen in your community? Effectivism: Focused, targeted actions that result in changing the political environment within a specific time period. Need more information on how to do just that? In this Effectivism manual, you’ll learn to…

A Guide to Local Ballot Initiatives

Website: Local Ballot Initiatives: How citizens change laws with clipboards, conversations, and campaigns by Leslie Graves was published by the Lucy Burns Institute on November 12, 2012. You can download a free .pdf version of the book online.


Website: An interactive almanac of state politics.

Social Media Resources


Videos / Presentations

Facebook 101

Video: Facebook is a must for the conservative activist. This webinar takes you through the step-by-step process of getting started with Facebook for your conservative group, cause, or political campaign.

Twitter Activism

Video: In this hands-on, purely practical webinar, learn the steps, tools, and Twitter best practices that you can implement today to make an impact politically with your Twitter account. The training is ideal for both beginning and advanced conservative Twitter activists

Introduction To Blogging

Video: From American Majority’s archives, this third part of the 20/20 series gives an introduction to blogging, an important tool in effective activism online.


Websites / Manuals

Get Political with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

Free Download: Learn to grow your account, post viral content, and become a top conservative on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Historical Resources


Videos / Presentations

Days of Revolution Podcast Series

Podcast: Listen to the series, voiced by American Majority Founder and President Ned Ryun, now on!

The 1776 Report

Manual: The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission Report

Campus Resources



Websites / Manuals

How to Impact College Students

Free Manual: Wondering how to quickly build a conservative presence on campus? Start preparing to impact your campus now. Download American Majority’s new campus manual today!

Winning Campus Elections

Whether you are at a big or small university you can make an impact on our student government. Check out our presentation from CPAC 2016 to find out what you need to do to win a campus election!

Growing Your Campus Group

Are you looking to increase the size of your conservative campus group? Check out these tips and ideas to help your group through social media, micro targeting, and different events to get more active members.


Campus Resources



Websites / Manuals

Election Integrity Resources

Learn what happened in the lead up to the 2020 election, and what we can do now and in our own communities to protect our most basic civil right – the right to vote and participate  in free and fair elections.