What makes a president great? Is it the policy their administration enacts, the relationships they build with foreign powers, or the speeches that inspire their audience? I think it is safe to say that a combination of these factors in addition to many more make a president truly great. The “great” presidents are the ones that will be remembered in many years to come and are the ones that children will learn about and emulate in their classrooms. The “great” presidents are the ones whose names are utilized to add force to an arguement or garner support for a policy position.

Policies can be overturned and foreign relationships can crumble. A president’s legacy is preserved within the words he, or maybe one day she, proclaims to the American people and to the world. Their words have immense power to define their presidency and shape the public’s perception of both the President himself, his administration and the country as a whole.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Ronald Reagan will be remembered for the words he said during his two terms in office (in addition to his many more accomplishments). He realized the power of his words and utilized his high office to ensure that the words he said brought the American people together as they faced copious trials in the midst of the Cold War. Here are six times President Ronald Reagan hit the nail on the head.