On this day in 1792, the cornerstone of a new edifice was put into place. That building would one day become known around the world and signify the executive seat of the United States of America. It would be the residence and office of our nation’s leader, survive the flames at the hands of the British in 1814, and remain a top tourist destination for anyone venturing near Washington, D.C. 

That building is, of course, the White House.

This day in our history is not significant only because it marks the start of building a national icon, but also because of what that building, and the office it holds, stands for. 

That cornerstone became a part of the foundation of the building. Without it, the White House would not stand secure today. Likewise our nation today is founded on several building blocks that, were any of them to be removed, could mean the ultimate destruction of the whole Republic. 

The White House took eight years to build. Since then it has stood the test of time and weathered many storms. Can the same be said of our Republic and the building blocks that form it? 


What are some of these building blocks and is their architectural integrity still intact?

One such building block must undoubtedly be faith and the prioritization of the will of God in government. The Left would like to imagine a world in which the founding of America was not based on any religious principles or inspired by the faith of the men who orchestrated it. No, they would prefer to convince you that America has been racist from its founding, is inherently evil, and ought to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.

Here in reality, we know that is not the case. 

Obeying God’s Word is no longer a value many Americans have. Fewer and fewer Christian voters each year make it a priority to vote for the candidate that shares their values and instead cast their ballot for the one who promises them the most free stuff (although they conveniently neglect to mention that all of the promised items will be charged to you in the form of taxes).

Even if you are one of the few who still holds to your faith, don’t you dare attempt to exercise your first amendment right to act on it in any way, shape or form. That is the quickest way to get labeled with all sorts of derogatory names that seem to have lost their potency with how often and indiscriminately they are applied. 

Another building block of our Republic is that our leaders govern according to the will of the people who elected them. At every level of government, from the highest levels of power to our local school boards, we are seeing the will of the people being cast aside in favor of their own personal beliefs and agendas. 

Some politicians and candidates are even going so far as to say that the people should not even have a voice in the actions of the people they elect. Parents, for example, should not have a say in what their school boards or state officials mandate their children be taught in schools.

Perhaps the time of these people seeking power would be better served consulting their elementary school civics textbooks rather than running for an office they know little about.

A Republic cannot stand without the freedom of its citizens to speak freely, without fear of reprisal. In other words, if you say something online or at a public hearing that contradicts what the governing elite tell you, you should not be doxxed, cancelled, or the least bit infringed upon for doing so. 

A nation where people refuse to express their opinion from fear of reprisal is no free country at all. 

Though there are far more building blocks that are instrumental in forming this Republic, the people’s trust that their electoral process is both free and fair has been broken. And though we at American Majority, and many other organizations and individuals like us, are fighting for election integrity, we must remain vigilant because a country that does not allow its citizens to freely vote for their preferred candidate and abide by that choice cannot be described as a Republic. In fact, such a form of government would go by another name entirely – tyranny, dictatorship, or Totalitarianism. 

Like the cornerstone laid on Pennsylvania Avenue so many years ago, this Republic was built to last for many generations to come. However, if we continue to allow the building blocks to break, there will no longer be a foundation for the nation to rest on, and it may very well come crumbling down.