Over the past few weeks we have hosted webinars tackling different angles of campaigning in a crisis. In each free webinar, we have discussed that although the world looks different right now, many of the fundamental aspects of campaigning remain the same but are slightly altered to accommodate the ever changing landscape of our isolating society.

We cannot wait until life returns to normal to proceed with our campaigns. People are looking for answers and new leadership now, so we are here to give you the tools you need to build a campaign that will withstand this pandemic and stand strong come election day.

One of those pervasive aspects of campaigning is recruiting and retaining volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of a campaign. On Thursday, April 16th, American Majority Action’s Regional Field Director, Micah Pearce, will lead us in a discussion on effective strategies for finding volunteers, getting them on board, and motivating them throughout the campaign all while in the midst of this crisis. Click HERE to save your spot for what is sure to be an engaging and informative webinar!

In a crisis, life changes quickly and people must learn to adapt to the new normal. Your campaign is facing much of the same struggles. It is isolated from potential voters, overwhelmed with a million other tasks, and looking for answers. But you can’t let voter registration fall by the wayside. People will be looking for strong leadership once this is over and that is what you and your campaign can offer. A lot of those potential voters are not registered to participate in upcoming elections.

American Majority’s Minnesota Director, Jennifer DeJournett, says, “It is never more important to make sure your campaign is continually checking to make sure your supporters who are eligible to vote are registered to vote, plus you must help those that have relocated register to vote at their current home.  Voter Identification and helping individuals register to vote is the difference between winning and losing. Because whether there is a crisis or not, those that have the most votes win.”

She will lead a free webinar on this very topic by providing practical advice and insight into transforming passive supporters into engaged, registered voters. Tune in on April 23rd to listen and ask questions if you have any! Click HERE to save your spot for a webinar you won’t want to miss! 

Don’t let this crisis derail your campaign. We are here to help you navigate the shifting landscape ahead on the road to your election. 

Is there a particular webinar that would be particularly helpful to you? Let us know and we’ll try to set one up on the topic!