Volume VIII, titled “The Rise of Progressives and the Growth of the Bureaucratic State,” examines the political landscape of the late 1800s that was known as the Gilded Age. The relationship between the government and the government was changing. For example, the election of U.S. Senators changed from selection by state legislatures to direct election from the electorate. Additionally, this edition surveys the beginnings of progressivism and the impact this approach to government altered the country as it moved into a new century. The ideals of progressivism were the backbone behind Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal program that combated the Great Depression.

In a few quick pages you will better understand how the government’s role moved from a supervisory, decentralized one to a bureaucratic body that stretched into many facets of the public’s lives.

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About these pamphlets…

In the Revolutionary era, pamphlets were circulated among the colonies to publicize newsworthy headlines and rebellious rhetoric. Pamphlets such as Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” could be found in nearly every colonial household.

American Majority’s pamphlet series, “Why America is Great,” likewise spreads vital information across the nation. Each volume digs into a specific topic and examines it from various points of American history. Examining the reasons why the colonies decided to revolt enables us to better understand the political landscape today.