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American Majority Leads Historic Event to Train Tea Party Activists in More than a Dozen Cities

 New York, NY (September 16, 2011) – On the heels of another so-called stimulus proposal and more outrageous comments by union leaders and liberal politicians, tea party and other conservative grassroots activists are getting ready to rumble with Obama in 2012 over America’s future. With personal and economic freedom in peril like never before, American Majority has brought together tea party members and liberty-minded activists in more than a dozen cities to train to defend American values on Constitution Day, September 17th.  The American Majority “Training Bomb” is the largest single-day conservative grassroots training initiative in history.  For the first time, simultaneous sessions across America will be held to educate and mobilize fiscally conservative activists and future candidates to fight for limited government and free market principles.

“This isn’t a rally and it’s not a summit.  This hasn’t been done before.  The “Training Bomb” is an unprecedented effort to help local tea party groups organize for real action and real change,” states Ned Ryun, President of American Majority who adapted the concept from the popular “money bomb” grassroots technique used by national campaigns.  “Local activists know we need to reduce the impact of government on our lives to make America stronger.  There’s no better day than Constitution Day to bring Americans together to learn how they can ensure we continue to live in a free society.”

Both activist and candidate courses will be offered at each location to help the conservative cause organize for victory next year.  Topics will range from the fundamentals of successful political operations and hardwiring precincts to communicating policy and online image management. The Training Bomb sessions are being held in New York, NY, Tulsa, OK, Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN, Appleton, WI, Fayetteville, NC, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL, Hartland, VT, Troy, MI, Daytona Beach, FL, Scottsdale, AZ, Loveland, CO, and Cincinnati, OH.

“Tea Party members and other conservative grassroots activists are under attack,” states Ryun.  “They’ve been maligned by advocates of a desperate, leftist ideology that is bereft of ideas and threatening our way of life.  The Training Bomb’s goal is to educate and engage our rank-and-file fight for principles the majority of Americans support – smaller, less intrusive government.”

To organize this nation-wide effort, American Majority is working closely with many of the most effective grassroots groups in the nation such as the Dallas Tea Party, New York’s Tea Party 365, 9.12 Project Tennessee, and Right Turn Colorado.

Over the last two years American Majority, the nation’s leading grassroots training organization, has trained nearly 20,000 conservative activists and candidates in nearly all 50 states.


About American Majority
American Majority is the leading developer of the nation’s new 21st century grassroots political infrastructure.  The organization uses its cutting edge curriculum to empower individuals and organizations with the most effective tools to promote liberty through limited government.  American Majority trains thousands of activists and candidates each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government.  The non-profit, non-partisan organization is dedicated to developing a new generation of American elected and opinion leadership that will reject the self-destructive policies associated with government expansion and promote policies that will lead to national and community growth and success.