Activist Training

Getting involved in politics can seem daunting, especially today. Not only do you have to learn the system, where to start, and how to organize an effective volunteer base, today’s politics necessitates knowledge of social media like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Even long time political activists find themselves at a loss. At an American Majority Activist Training you will learn to master the political process including its newest tools and technologies. Attending protests and rallies is no longer enough. Effective organization and communication is imperative to secure liberty for future generations. Our Activist Training will equip you to be a strong leader who can affect the substantial change in your community that our nation needs. In an American Majority Activist Training, you will learn to:

Build Effective Coalitions

  • Organize your group
  • Keep volunteers motivated
  • Take small steps to accomplish big goals
  • Delegate and lead

Organize Effective Events

  • Hold successful events for candidates
  • Increase your group membership through events
  • Find which events offer the biggest bang for the buck
  • Set important dates and working backwards

Understand Government Structure

  • Engage effectively in your national, state and local government
  • Dissect constitutional structure and meaning
  • Discuss founding principles and how to implement them today

Hold Government Accountable

  • Effectively contact elected officials
  • Use and understand FOIA
  • Share tactics with fellow activists
  • Campaign effectively from former campaign staffers

Volunteer in Campaigns

  • Be of the most value to a campaign
  • Implement tips and hints on how to benefit your candidate
  • Discuss expectations with former campaign staffers
  • Write and manage call lists

Successfully Use Traditional and Social Media

  • Write opinion editorials and letters to the editor
  • Advocate liberty through Facebook and Twitter
  • Become a blogging and wiki activist
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your online networks



Activist Testimonials

Americans have awoken from a distinct political apathy to find that their voice and efforts can bring dramatic change. Our unique trainings are designed to bring years of experience into these communities, amplifying their efforts and maximizing their effectiveness. Activists from around the country are learning how to build on their newfound passion. This is what they are saying: “”Everything was great! And the resources have been so helpful. Thank you for helping me and equipping me to be a more responsible citizen.

– Activist Trainee in Kansas

Finally there is training for conservative activists that emphasizes local politics and grassroots coalitions! Great tips for those of us involved in county and municipal politics. Thanks American Majority – keep up the great work!

– Activist Trainee in Minnesota

The material was really inspiring and informative. I feel like I can take on corrupt government and finally clean up our city. Thank you so much for the extra time spent after class to answer specific questions.

– Activist Trainee in Florida

Ready to translate your passion for freedom into real-world change in your community? Register now for an American Majority training coming to your area soon! American Majority trainings are non-partisan and open to the public. We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. The liberty movement starts with you. The time to get involved is today.