New Leaders Campaign Training

What set America apart at its founding was the ability of ordinary citizens holding elected office. This unique opportunity continues to today, and we cannot lose sight of how critical every level of elected office – from President to the School Board – is in influencing the direction of the nation. Every office requires principled men and women who will uphold and defend liberty and individual freedom. Leadership begins at the grassroots, which is why we have designed our candidate-training program specifically for state and local candidates. Running for office is no easy task. From fundraising, organizing volunteers, coordinating events, writing letters, and reaching out to voters, the process can easily seem daunting and overwhelming. With American Majority’s New Leaders Campaign Training Program, this daunting prospect becomes much easier! This one-day event that features the following:

Get your name on the ballot

  • Where to start
  • When and how to file
  • How campaigns are run
  • What is needed to run a campaign
  • Mapping out a strategy

Communicate precisely and effectively

  • Fine tune campaign talking points
  • Determine issue strengths
  • Practice stump speeches

Money is the mother’s milk of politics

  • Learn how to raise money effectively
  • Compare different fundraising strategies
  • Learn which events raise the most money
  • Learn where to start and how to ask

Maximize volunteer efforts

  • Learn the difference between fans and supporters
  • Master phone calls, door knocking, and everything in between
  • Plan from election backwards
  • Learn to organize GOTV efforts

 Campaigning 2.0

  • Learn to raise money online
  • How to leverage social networks
  • Learn to utilize social media to succeed
  • Discover secrets to a strong campaign website

Ready to translate your passion for freedom into real-world change in your community? Register now for an American Majority training coming to your area soon! We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. The liberty movement starts with you. The time to get involved is today. American Majority trainings are non-partisan and open to the public.

New Leaders Campaign Training Testimonials

The country is in need of principled leadership, leadership not corrupted by the ways of Washington. American Majority believes these leaders will come from your community and ours, from local offices around this country. To help average citizens enter the political arena, American Majority works hard to lower the barrier of entry to running for office. Hundreds of citizens, just like you have moved from protest to implementing freedom. Here what they are saying: “The training really gave me the blueprint for a campaign. I saw the emphasis on how much going door-to-door matters, and I did it.” 

– Political Candidate in Wisconsin

I have attended various campaign training courses and none of them impressed me as much as the ones hosted by the American Majority. Most seminars give you a list of tactics that worked specifically for them, the American Majority outlined the basic foundation to run a successful political campaign.

– Campaign Manager in Massachusetts

Outstanding presentation! Definitely helps one prepare themselves to run an effective campaign. Would recommend this session to any Conservative who plans to run for office!

– Political Candidate in Minnesota

This was a most excellent program – beyond anything I expected. Very well presented, and all speakers were very knowledgeable.

– Oklahoma Party Leader