American Majority Helps Change the Shape of Local Boards

Mequon,WI- Over the last several months, American Majority Wisconsin staff has been training new local leaders across the state who then decided to take the challenge and run for office. After yesterday’s primary election, all 66 of these American Majority trained leaders have advanced to the general election on April 1.

American Majority works to build a farm team of new leaders at all levels of government. Our trained new leaders in the Spring 2014 election include representatives at all levels of local governmental offices.  The farm team builds from the most local level of government where citizens often feel the most impact.  These leaders are also the folks who will hopefully take the next step to run for higher office down the road, creating a pipeline of conservative public service.

Matt Batzel, the Executive Director of American Majority Wisconsin’s office, said “Since opening our office in October 2010, we have trained 60 new leaders who’ve gone on to victory in general elections. We are proud of our trained leaders’ successes after encountering American Majority, and look forward to congratulating a next round of winners this April. Conservatives who step forward and sacrifice to run for office are making a difference to improve their communities.”