Although it is somewhat hard for me to believe, I am told there are people who do not follow politics closely. All joking aside, I have always understood there are people out there not connected 24/7 to politics as I am. I actually know some of these people. They may or may not be family members and friends. I try politely to keep them informed, but most of the time I feel like I’m talking to a wall. They tell me they’re not “like me” with my head in politics all day. They have things they call “hobbies” and “friends” and have “things to do” rather than eat and breathe politics. It’s weird. 

Lately, however, they seem a bit more concerned about things. A couple of items have caught their attention. First, they believed life would go back to “normal” under a new administration, and it is shocking to them that there are still harsh restrictions on their lives concerning where they go and what they do. Second, “Wow, the price of gas has gone way up!” 

Here’s where I would put a smacking my face emoji, if I were texting with them. I mean, really, what the heck did they think would happen? 


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