Our goal has always been to empower conservatives across the country to make change happen in their communities. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once. So we have utilized online courses so you can get the same quality American Majority training at any time that is convenient for you!

Today we’re excited to announce that we have relaunched our online courses with an easier to use website

We need strong communities and engaged conservatives to make America the shining city on a hill. Our in-depth, cutting edge courseswill arm you with the tools you need to win elections.

Here are some of my favorite courses you can get started on today.

Candidate Certification

Earn your Campaign Certification from American Majority and start today! This package includes 4 courses that will set you up for success on election day. Learn how to research and plan for your campaign, create a powerful get out the vote effort, effectively raise money, and communicate your ideas to voters. 

Activist Certification

If you are motivated to get out there and change things but not quite sure where to start, this course will guide you through the basics of building effective coalitions, organizing effective events, understanding our government structure, how to hold the government accountable, and how and where to volunteer. You will learn to build effective coalitions; learn what voter fraud looks like; how to run voter registration drives; how to organize your groups, and how to work with the media.

Advanced Messaging

Learn to argue our case and not back down; understand how to message in a way that will appeal to the general public and get their attention, and out liberals and their fundamentally flawed politics. This course is designed to give the currently running candidate the advantage over their opponents in the messaging arena.

Jumpstart Your Campaign

Quick Start! This enhanced research and planning course is designed specifically for those who have already decided to run for office and need a little help getting started. Hone your message and get heard; get the money you need to run your campaign successfully, and understand your vote goal and what it takes to get there.