As Sir Winston Churchill so famously said at the end of World War II, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Churchill saw the crisis of what was a horrific war as an opportunity to remake the world into a more free society. Inversely, when Rahm Emanuel said in 2008 regarding the financial crisis, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” and then again in 2020 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, he meant it not as an opportunity for more freedom and tolerance, but instead an opportunity to implement more socialist ideals and policies intolerant of conservative ideas and voices by using the moment to change the fundamental way we choose our government.

Just as conservatives have been working and prospering in our free market society and believing in equality, free speech, and self-determining liberty, quite frankly the left has been plotting against these virtues, seeing our laissez-faire attitude regarding interfering into other people’s lives as an opportunity to mold the conversation around leaving other people alone. “My body; my choice” is a prime example of this. By framing the conversation around leaving people alone, rather than the child inside of the mother, they have appealed to our inclination to leave people alone.

While conservatives are busy leading their lives and failing or succeeding based on their abilities, hard work and perseverance, believing in equality of opportunity, the leaders on the left believe in and strive for equality of outcome. They believe society will only benefit if all of society succeeds equally. They have been busy working against a merit-based society and implementing their version of a fair society based on their perceptions of people’s oppressed status.